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Simple and Easy Financing Options

A toothache shouldn’t transition into a pain in the pocketbook. Even patients with top of the line dental insurance can sometimes face financial barriers to getting the procedures they need or want. Regardless of your insurance status, we’re committed to helping you finance and budget for procedures in a way that’s financially reasonable for you. That’s why you can get in-house financing with no credit check and no third party creditor. All financing is kept completely within the practice and between you and your dental provider.


Unlike some practices, which outsource their financing to a third-party that is often a high-interest credit card company, we offer the entire finance package ourselves. Key benefits include:

  • No credit check. Your credit score is very important, and even one hard inquiry can push you into a credit category you don’t want to be in. No credit check means no dings on your credit report so you can maintain a higher score. This is especially critical for patients who are on the border between a great and good score, and for anyone in the midst of making a big financial purchase.
  • No third parties. Why bring a middleman into the mix? Financing shouldn’t be complicated and is best between two parties. The only parties involved with our financing are you and us. This keeps everything simple, straightforward, transparent, and nixes any fees that may be associated with third parties.
  • In-house. By keeping the financing in-house, you only deal with one place when it comes to your dental needs and dental financing. Simple is best.

For Those with Insurance

Our practice accepts many insurance policies and is skilled with communicating with agents and companies on your behalf. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make the most of your dental insurance. However, sometimes procedures aren’t covered by insurance plans or are only partially covered. When this happens, you deserve in-house financing that’s easy and affordable. Patients often use our finance options to supplement their insurance contributions.

Plus, some procedures (like cosmetic dentistry) aren’t covered by dental insurance plans. When this happens, you need financing that’s designed to work with your budget.

For Those without Insurance

Insurance can be very expensive, and unlike other types of insurance, dental isn’t required by law. A lot of patients don’t have dental insurance, but still want and deserve the best treatments. Whether you have dental insurance or not, your local Phoenix dental provider has in-house finance plans readily available. We’re happy to work with you to develop a payment option that works with your budget.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Call our Glendale and Phoenix dental office today and connect with a dental finance expert.

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