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Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Me at Sky Dental Office

If your tooth is killing you, it may need to come out . If it has broken, the chances are even greater that it must be removed. After hours or on weekends, where do you turn for emergency tooth pulling? Your Sky Dental Office is very familiar with emergency tooth extraction, and we want to help.

Is It a Real Emergency?

A throbbing tooth isn’t just an inconvenience. The mouth can get infections just like the rest of the body. It takes an expert to know how localized the problem is. With a good dentist, you can get answers and get relief. No one wants to lose a tooth, but you don’t want to be sick either. If the tooth needs to go, our dentists will tell you truthfully. If there’s a way to save it, we’ll help you do that.

emergency tooth extraction-no-insuranceEmergency Tooth Extraction No Insurance

Many people do not have dental insurance. This is a major reason that people don’t call the dentist when they should. At Sky Dental, we don’t want the lack of insurance to be a deterrent to emergency tooth pulling. We have financing options to help you deal with expenses.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative?

There are old folk cures and crazy remedies on the internet. But these won’t do the trick. In fact, a painful tooth only gets more painful as time goes on. There’s no way to fix it other than to get proper dental care. So if you delay, you are just putting off the inevitable visit to the doctor.

Seeing a dentist after hours is a much cheaper alternative than a midnight visit to the ER. Untreated tooth emergencies often send people to the hospital due to the pain involved. There are as many as 800,000 annual ER visits due to dental emergencies, according to a report by NBC News in 2018. All an emergency room can do is give out pain pills. The doctors aren’t dentists, and they don’t do tooth extractions. The patient is left with a big bill and the problem is still waiting for a solution.

Find your solution. Give Sky Dental offices a call and let’s see what we can do.

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