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A beautiful smile has been linked to higher self-esteem and a more successful life in numerous studies. Your leading Phoenix cosmetic dentist is equipped with the skills, training, and tools to give you the perfect smile quickly and comfortably.   Phoenix cosmetic dentistry offers many options, but what's right for you? Your Sky Dental professional can help you choose the best solutions for your smile and oral health.

  • In-office whitening treatments.  Dental whitening treatments are powerful and offer instant results that you can’t get from over-the-counter home teeth whitening kits..  Our professional teeth whitening Phoenix professionals and products are so fast that they’re often called “lunch break procedures.”
  • Dental Bonding.  If you just need a tooth or two fixed, dental bonding is the answer.   A durable composite resin is used to build up the tooth and take care of an abnormality such a chip or gap.  
  • Veneers. A popular two-step procedure, veneers are semi-permanent porcelain fixtures that are attached directly to existing teeth. During your first procedure, teeth are filed and shaped to create the best foundation for the veneer. Patients have temporary veneers (known as “bonds”) affixed while the permanent veneers are made in a lab. About two weeks later, the semi-permanent veneers are attached.  Veneers can last anywhere from 10-20+ years depending on care.
  • Gum shaping. Often undertaken in tandem with porcelain veneers, shaping gums can make teeth appear longer and improve a “gummy” smile. However, some patients are great candidates for gum shaping as a standalone procedure.
  • Dental Implants. In some cases, implants are recommended as a largely cosmetic dental procedure. It’s a permanent solution to a tooth that’s missing, extremely misshapen (especially when it’s front teeth), or so broken and/or diseased that extracting the tooth and replacing it with an implant is the best approach. Learn more about dental implants now, and ask your dentist if it’s the right fit for you.

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry Phoenix can dramatically improve a patient’s aesthetics, boost confidence, and a healthier looking mouth can positively impact nearly every aspect of a patient’s life.  It's amazing what a smile makeover can do.

Choosing a Phoenix Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry results depend on the skill of the dentist and the tools used. Many times, these procedures are an out of pocket expense, and you want the best results for your investment. Choosing a cosmetic dentist should include research, meet and greet appointments, and comparing many before and after photos.

A reputable expert puts a patient’s health and goals first. They are committed to giving you the best results possible and guarantee results that will really make you smile. When looking for a cosmetic dentist, ask about:

  • How long they’ve been practicing cosmetic dentistry, their education, background, and certifications.
  • Before and after photos from previous patients.
  • Exactly what your post-procedure smile will look like.
  • Care and after-care instructions.
  • Options for working with your dental insurance, if applicable, and payment plans.

Your brand new smile is right around the corner. Contact our office today to schedule a complimentary informational meeting with a top-ranked cosmetic dentist in Phoenix and find out more about dental procedures and your options.

Ready for a smile makeover?  Request an appointment.

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