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Affordable Braces Phoenix From Your Sky Dental Orthodontist

braces Phoenix orthodontist

If you are looking for affordable braces, visit your Sky Dental Phoenix orthodontist.  We offer the best choices for teenagers and adults. Our full-service AZ orthodontics include dental appliances for children and adults as well as full braces. A straight, healthy smile is just a phone call away with your Sky Dental orthodontist.

Phoenix Orthodontist + Dentist = Complete Oral Health Care

1. Orthodontics and Dentistry, A Natural Pairing

Sky Dental pairs Phoenix orthodontist services with full dental care on site. There are no complicated record transfers and no hassles. You get the comfort of knowing everything is being handled by a network of dental professionals you know and trust. Call the nearest Sky Dental office to schedule your free consultation.  Or simply ask our receptionist when you are visiting the dentist.

2. Financing for Braces

At Sky Dental Alliance, we realize that orthodontic treatment is an expense, and our patients need help to handle the cost.  Many of our customers don't have insurance plans that cover braces.  That's a big reason that we have an in-house financing program. It eliminates the red tape and make braces available to more families. With our financing for braces Phoenix, there’s no credit check, no third party financiers and no hidden fees. You work with us directly to develop a reasonable payment plan you can afford.  

3. Without Dental Insurance: Braces start at just $99 with a $200 down payment
4. With Dental Insurance: Braces start at just $99 with no down payment

You don’t have to pay for an office visit to get an estimate. Your initial consultation, including x-rays, is free. Our orthodontist will evaluate your situation and present you with an accurate treatment estimate upfront to let you make an informed decision.  All Sky Dental providers are especially well-trained and adept at diagnosis and treatment.

braces phoenix orthodontist5. Same-Day Braces Phoenix

While we love seeing our patients, we know you don’t want to make more trips to the office than is absolutely necessary. With our special same day braces for kids and adults, the initial fitting process can be done in as little as two appointments. Make sure you ask about our same-day program during your initial consultation to see if you qualify.


braces Phoenix orthodontistHow to Get Teen Braces for Less 

Every year, hundreds of kids across Phoenix get new braces. It’s easier to align while children are still growing and their teeth are still shifting. If your child’s dentist is recommending braces, it’s important to pursue it.  As research by the American Association of Orthodontists has demonstrated, braces aren't just about how you look.  Crooked teeth and jaw concerns can have an impact on self esteem, bite comfort and overall oral health as those teeth settle into their final places. With our $99 per month financing, you can get the low cost braces Phoenix that fit your budget.

What About Adult Braces Phoenix

If you’re an adult that’s considering braces Phoenix, you may wonder how the treatment plan will fit your budget. We work with you to make the right financing available. Maybe braces weren’t as affordable when you were a kid, or you could be one of the many people who didn’t need orthodontics until later in life. No matter what your situation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much sleeker and affordable Arizona braces are today. To learn more about cheap braces, talk to our knowledgeable staff about your options. A free consultation will help you learn more about the ways to improve your smile.

Choosing Your Braces Phoenix: Metal Braces vs. Invisalign

No two mouths are the same, and everyone has their own needs and personal preferences when it comes to dental devices. Your Phoenix orthodontist will discuss your habits, treatment goals and related needs with you before making recommendations. There are two primary types of braces to consider:

Metal Lingual Braces

Traditional braces are still popular, but they have changed for the better. Unlike the “brace face” orthodontics of decades past, today’s metal brackets are sleeker, more comfortable and even trendy thanks to celebrity press. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colored bands to show of your style. Your orthodontist will see you every 4 to 6 weeks for a check-up, adjustment and band swap.

braces phoenix orthodontistWhat to Expect with Metal Brackets

Metal braces are a three-part system of brackets, wires and molar bands that use the wire's tension to coax teeth into the desired location. The brightly colored bands you see around the brackets are used to hold the wires in place. Orthodontists bend and tighten the wires to encourage teeth to rotate, move together or move apart. Extras like rubber bands that connect the upper and lower brackets, coils that run between teeth and other devices can be used to correct issues like mild jaw misalignment or pronounced tooth gaps. While noticeable, metal braces are trendy nowadays and are often the most affordable braces for kids and adults alike. They also allow your Phoenix orthodontist the most control over necessary changes.

Invisalign Treatment

The “invisible braces” option, Invisalign uses a series of clear liners that you change out every few weeks. These hidden braces are not unlike an ultra-thin night guard. How long you continue to wear braces will depend on your needs and treatment goals. However, metal braces and Invisalign usually need to be worn for the same duration. You can discuss this more with your Orthodontist when you visit our Sky Dental office.

What to Expect with Invisalign

Invisalign trays are made using a mold of your mouth. It takes two to four weeks to get your first set. Each set reflects a series of small adjustments that will gradually straighten your smile. You can take them out to eat, take photos and brush your teeth. Most, but not all, orthodontic concerns can be addressed by Invisalign. Invisible braces are a favorite for adults and teens that aren't as comfortable with metal braces Phoenix. Because you remove the trays to eat, you have the freedom to eat whatever you want. While easy to misplace, there’s a special Invisalign program for teens that includes up to six free replacement trays.

Now that you know more, call for your free braces consultation.

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