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Should you Choose Fixed Dentures vs Dental Implants Phoenix?

If you’ve lost teeth, you have an option that goes beyond dentures or partials. You can chose an almost indestructible replacement by picking dental implants Phoenix. Instead of losing its fit, as dentures do over time, a dental implant stays in place.

Tooth loss is very common. Adults between 50 and 64 have lost as many as seven teeth. Senior citizens find that this process accelerates, causing more tooth loss and leading to dentures.

Do You Need a Dental Implant or Partial Denture?

A lost tooth causes the teeth around it to shift and loosen. Dentists consider it important that patients do something to prevent this shifting. A bridge is supported by the teeth around it. This partial denture can fill the gap, but it may actually weaken the teeth that support it.

Since dental implants take the physical place of the tooth all the way to the bone, implants prevent shifting. They are permanent, unlike bridges which may lose their fit due to shifting teeth.

When you compare the permanent dental implant to the shorter lifespan of the partial, it seems that implants are worth any extra cost.

Dentures vs dental implantsDo You Need Full Dental Implants or Dentures?

Dentures are a logical choice for many patients. However, some patients have bone loss due to the loss of their teeth. This goes unchecked with dentures. The jaw bone keeps deteriorating causing the dentures to lose their fit. This makes the dentures uncomfortable or even unusable. The average dentures need replacement between seven and 15 years of use.

Implants do cost more, but that is because they are a truly permanent solution. Even better, they reduce or stop bone loss. This makes them a healthier alternative to dentures.

Unlike dentures, implants allow for completely natural eating. There’s no slipping to worry about.

Are You Ready for New Teeth?

Your Sky Valley dentist can talk to you about teeth replacement options. We handle dentures, dental implants, partials, crowns, veneers and more.

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