Structure of Tooth Diagram

tooth anatomy

Understanding the Structure of Tooth Diagram

Did you know teeth are the hardest substances in the entire human body? Without teeth, we couldn’t chew, and speaking would be tricky. That’s why taking care of your teeth is an absolute necessity, one that Phoenix dentists are happy to help with, especially your team of experts at Sky Dental.

What are the Parts of Teeth?

Your teeth have five basic parts.

  1. Enamel: That’s the hard, white outer layer of your teeth.
  2. Dentin:This tough layer sits beneath the enamel and is filled with microtubules. If your teeth are damaged, the microtubules allow in heat and cold, which can cause pain or sensitivity.
  3. Pulp: This is the soft, inner structure of the teeth, where you’ll find blood vessels and nerves.
  4. Cementum: Sort of like cement, cementum binds the roots of teeth to your gums and jaw.
  5. Periodontal Ligament: This holds your teeth tight to your jaw.

Common Teeth Conditions and Treatments

Below are a few common teeth conditions, along with ways your local Phoenix dentist can help!


Saliva and teeth brushing both remove bacteria, but sometimes it’s still able to hide in cracks and crevices. If that happens, it can cause damage to the tooth’s structure, which we call a cavity.

Your dentist will look for cavities when they perform an exam with x-rays. If they find one, they’ll use a filling to remove the damage. Damage in the tooth’s deep pulp may require a root canal instead.


Plaque and tartar build-up can cause inflammation of the gums, which we call gingivitis. Regular teeth cleanings from your dentist’s office and good rinsing habits can prevent gingivitis.


Inflammation in the deeper structures of your teeth and jaw is called periodontitis. You can prevent it with regular cleanings and good dental hygiene.

Teeth Grinding

Stress and anxiety can cause unconscious teeth grinding, which leads to headaches and sore jaws. Your dentist can fit you for a mouth guard to prevent damage.

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