Choose Veneers for Your Smile Makeover

Veneers are by far the most well-known celebrity dental procedure. However, this represents a permanent decision—they require your dentist to file and re-shape existing teeth to serve as the foundation of the covering. Once you file away part of your natural teeth, your body cannot regenerate them. However, veneers can quickly give you the smile of your dreams while still looking 100 percent natural. These thin porcelain covers look and act just like your natural teeth and can last 20+ years depending on maintenance and care. That's why they are a major tool of cosmetic dentistry today.

Veneers = Your Perfect Smile, Delivered

Getting veneers usually requires multiple appointments. During the first appointment, your dentist will walk you through what to expect, then file and shape the teeth that will have veneers. In some cases, severe filing is necessary (you may or may not want to look before bonds are added!). Molds are taken of the re-shaped teeth, and the data is sent to a lab where your customized veneers will be made.

Temporary teeth, or “bonds,” are then added so you get a preview of your future smile. Since bonds aren’t customized or permanent, they won’t look as flawless as your veneers, though. However, many patients are thrilled at the dramatic improvement even temporary bonds can make! It usually takes 2 – 3 weeks for your veneers to arrive. During this time, your bond adhesive may start to weaken, but don’t panic. With a little care, bonds can and should last well until your veneer appointment.

The final appointment is the exciting one. Your “new teeth” have arrived and are permanently placed with a special dental cement. After polishing and drying your re-shaped teeth, your Phoenix dentist firmly attaches the veneers. It’s a surprisingly quick and easy process. Next, the sturdiness of your veneers are tested and the hygienist flosses to ensure just the right amount of space is left to allow for great oral hygiene.

How to Make Your New Teeth Last

Compared to implants, they are non-invasive (no dental surgery is required) and in some cases they last forever. However, some last about 15 years, and it all depends on 1) the quality of the procedure,  2) how well you care for your teeth, and 3) how “rough” you are on them. You are in control of both these factors, so make sure to research and choose a reputable Phoenix cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Scott Connell.

Unlike bridges, implants, and dentures, getting veneers doesn’t require anything to secure them to your natural teeth beyond the dental adhesive. This is a big plus for many patients who want as little invasiveness as possible. With these cosmetic covers, you can fix gaps that orthodontics couldn’t correct, lengthen your teeth, and address chips, cracks, breaks, discoloration, and/or oddly shaped teeth.  Veneers are truly the best tool a cosmetic dentist has, but it requires great skill to apply them well.  At Sky Dental, you'll find our well-trained cosmetic dentists are up to the challenge. Prepare to be pleased with the results!

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